Engle Ballistic Research 7.62 Precision Bonded Subsonic (TM)

Subsonic Match Ammunition

7.62 x 51mm Precision Bonded Subsonic

1 box, $call

2-5 boxes, $call

6-9 boxes, $call

10-16 boxes, $call

17-24 boxes, $call

25 boxes or case, $475.00 per 100 rounds


Recommended 18" or 20" heavy barrel, suppressed, 1:10" twist, no porting

Warning! Do not fire any subsonic rifle caliber ammunition in H&K firearms or any firearm which has a fluted chamber, This type of chamber prevents cartridge case obturation, allowing propellant gasses to escape out the breech, and possibly sticking a projectile in the bore. Subsequent firing with a bore so obstructed can cause serious injury or death.

All ammunition is manufactured to strict tolerances from new components.

Be sure to include photo copy of your FFL or driver's license

Minimum age: 18 years for rifle ammo, 21 years for pistol ammo.

Prices do not include shipping, insurance or handling

Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are current as of 2/24/02

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