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Subsonic Match Ammunition


The Gun Runner is pleased to announce that we are Nationwide distributors for Engle Ballistic Research Ammunition. For more information on this ammunition contact Engel Ballistic Research


7.62MM Thumper (TM) click for prices EBR .308 Thumper

This high-performance 180 grain subsonic .308 is built entirely from premium, match-grade components and is manufactured to strict tolerances.  It combines excellent (MOA) accuracy with maximum payload!  This round is also free of harmful fillers. 

Ballistic match +/- 1 inch at 100 yards to 7.62 PBS, depending on platform.


7.62MM PBS - Precision Bonded Subsonic (TM) click for prices

This ammunition is revolutionizing subsonic rifle ammunition performance.  It expands reliably and dramatically at subsonic velocities which causes it to penetrate 2-3 inches in ballistic medium and then rotate 180 degrees, ending up base-first after penetrating 17-18 inches of 20% NATO-spec calibrated ballistic gelatin (ref.: Picatinny Arsenal tests, 1/28/99).  The terminal effect has been tested on large live targets, and it is devastating and instantaneous.  Trajectory is equivalent to the 7.62 Thumper.  Thus, EBR is introducing a unique ammunition system, utilizing an economical precision practice round (7.62 Thumper) in conjunction with the most effective subsonic suppressed munition available in this caliber.  U.S. and foreign patents apply.


7.62 x 39MM M4 Jackhammer click for prices

This new EBR round is designed to feed and function M16/M4 weapons in this caliber in both semi- and full auto. It utilizes a proprietary EBR 220-gr. FMJ projectile. Also works in Kalashnikov weapons with slight ramping. Cycles both weapons with or without a suppressor. Independent testing has given sub-1/2 MOA accuracy at 100 yards using aimed semiautomatic fire. Light recoil and enhanced controllability make this ammunition extremely effective in full automatic mode. A true breakthrough in subsonic ammunition in this caliber.


5.56 MM Ultra Stealth Match Ammunition click for prices5.56 Ultra Stealth

This is the most quiet and accurate 5.56 x 45mm subsonic round on the market, with a milspec MIL-STD-1474C reading of 117dB when used in conjunction with the excellent GEMTECH M4 96-D suppressor and an M4 Carbine.  (ref.: Paulson 1997 Silencer Trials, Report BR-71).  Other attributes:  more accurate than M855 ammunition at 50 meters;  tumbles within 2-3" on soft tissue, producing a large wound channel;  does not use fillers which tend to clog up your suppressor.  This ammunition intentionally does not cycle the action for the ultimate in quiet shooting.  This projectile is a 63 gr. Sierra Match HP.


9 MM Hush-Puppy click for prices 9 mm Hush-Puppy

(Picture not available yet)


This 147 grain precision subsonic round sets the standard for 9mm subsonic ammunition.  This round is extremely consistent, producing a standard deviation of 8 in a pistol and under 15 in a submachine gun.  In soft tissue the projectile expands to about 55 caliber, producing maximum terminal effect.


5.56 MM Frangible Safety Ammunition click for prices5.56 Frangible

This is standard velocity 5.56 x 45mm frangible sonic ammunition; This projectile is a 55 gr. Frangible bullet.


Also available - .40 Sub Sonic Ammunition.  Call for prices


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